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Indigo & Shibori Retreat

Enjoy A Tropical Vacation & Master The Secret Art Of Japanese Shibori Indigo Dyeing On Our Exclusive “Indigo & Shibori Retreat” – Bali, August 2019!

You’ll discover the natural technique of Balinese Indigo dye making, then indulge in a multi-day masterclass from renown Shibori dyeing experts – creating 40 of your own 10” blocks and then sewing them together to make your masterpiece – your very own unique Indigo Shibori queen sized quilt…

Hi, I’m Wacky Jacky, world famous for my amazing quilting retreats.

Let me ask you a question, fellow quilter:

How does 12 fun-filled days creating your own fabulous Indigo textile using the ancient Japanese technique of Shibori while living it up on the paradise island of Bali sound to you?

We have just released our most exclusive retreat yet; it takes place from 26 August 2019 until 06 September 2019.

BUT, due to the overwhelming response we’ve already had you can’t just register online – access is by application only!

Apply To Be Part Of This Retreat Now

I invite you to apply to join me, my Balinese crew and Shibori experts Alison and Shuji Yamazaki and Pauline Rogers where we reveal the expert secrets behind the stunning and intricate Japanese Shibori technique of Indigo dyeing.

First you’ll get the chance to extract your own Indigo dye from the Indigo plants, and learn traditional Balinese Batik fabric techniques, something very few westerners have ever done…

Then Shibori expert Shuji will be revealing tying and clumping methods and his wife Alison (both from their company Wabi Sabi Design in Canberra) will teach you wrapping and stitching Shibori methods.

Wabi sabi is a traditional Japanese aesthetic term meaning to focus on finding peace and beauty within the natural imperfections of life – the beauty itself is found in the imperfect and unique.

In addition the world famous Pauline Rogers will be sharing my expert quilting tips and tricks to finish off this beautiful masterpiece.

My job will be to give you the royal tour of one of the world’s most idyllic islands – Bali!

What will you be creating on this retreat?

The aim of the retreat (apart from having a ball!) is to stitch, wrap, clump and tie 40 x 10” blocks, then make them look amazing using beautiful Indigo blue dye. When you’ve done this, you’ll finally sew them all together to form your very own queen-sized Indigo Shibori quilt.

When you’re not working on your masterpiece-in-blue you will be dining, beaching, shopping and relaxing with like-minded ladies getting an exclusive insiders VIP tour of Bali.

*Your quilt will not look exactly like this – every quilt will be unique.

Apply To Be Part Of This Retreat Now

What do you get with your 12 day Shibori Indigo retreat?

  • 4 awesome, hands-on days of Shibori masterclass and Indigo dyeing technique…
  • 2 days of sewing your Indigo Shibori quilt creation together under the expert guidance of Wacky Jacky…
  • All fabrics/equipment/training needed to create your stunning masterpiece…
  • Exclusive access to Wacky Jacky’s famous Bali fabric shop at special VIP discounted rates…
  • Return flights from Brisbane, Australia to Bali* – we can cater for alternate departure points…
  • Return transfers from airport to hotel…
  • Fantastic Balinese Welcome Dinner with glass of wine or beer…
  • Stunning Seafront Hotel accommodation…
  • Breakfast daily…
  • Morning tea on work days…
  • 4 free days or catch up days…
  • My insider guide to the best local restaurants, shops and jewellery stores to get some absolute bargains…
  • Bali’s finest massage / shopping / snorkelling / relaxing activities hand-picked by me…
  • A sewing machine for your personal use…
  • Optional days of batik painting, Balinese cooking Class, Indigo Batik Day…
  • And much, much more…
Apply To Be Part Of This Retreat Now

What will the Shibori Indigo retreat cost you?

The prices for this exclusive, all-inclusive 12 day retreat in Bali are very reasonable for what you get:
Single $3890

Twin Share $3590

Triple Share (2 ladies share king bed + 1 single bed) $3390

As I mentioned above; guests wishing to depart from other destinations can be catered for. Simply let us know where you wish to depart from and we will factor this in to the above costs.

What else do you need to know?

Wacky Jacky’s does NOT supply travel insurance, however I highly recommend you get travel insurance that best suits your individual requirements.

I also recommend that you purchase your insurance upon booking your retreat.

How do you secure my position for this fabulous retreat?

Simply click on the “apply now” button below and we will contact you to see if you are a good fit for our Shibori Indigo retreat.

If you are successful in your application process you will need to pay an initial deposit of AU $1000 to secure your spot.

Your second instalment of AU $1000 is due by 01/01/2019 and your final instalment is due by 01/05/2019.

Here is my cancellation policy:

Days prior to Retreat:
365 days or more
181 – 365 days
121 – 180 days
76 – 120 days
75 – 31 days
Less than 30 days

Cancelation charge:
$150 administration fee
Deposit Amount
20% of total fare
30% of the total fare
50% of total fare
Total Fare

If you’re interested enough to have read this far, here’s the bottom line:

The Shibori technique of Indigo dyeing produces simply divine results when you know exactly what you’re doing.

If you’d like to learn the exact methods the Japanese have mastered over the centuries, this is your chance to learn from two of the world’s foremost Shibori experts; Alison and Shuji Yamazaki.

On top of that you will have the amazing Pauline Rogers to tutor you through sewing your masterpiece together to take home a stunning quilt.

You will learn a lot, have a lot of fun but also get to holiday in paradise plus get some amazing fabric shopping bargains!

This retreat is lining up to be one of my best textile retreats ever and if you’d like the chance to attend this exclusive event I encourage you to apply ASAP as it will sell out fast.

If you have any questions or need any clarification about this event please email me at

Hope to see you there,
Wacky Jacky.

Apply To Be Part Of This Retreat Now
Apply To Be Part Of This Retreat Now