Indigo & Shibori Retreat – Brisbane

Wacky Jacky’s Natural Indigo Dyeing &

Shibori Retreat – Brisbane

Are you a lover of all things Shibori and Indigo
Dyeing…? This is a fully guided retreat with Jacky as your
host and Shuji and Alison Yamazaki (from Wabi
Sabi) as your tutors.

Yes, that’s right we have Shuji teaching us tying and clumping shibori methods and Alison will teach us wrapping and stitching shibori methods. You will stitch, wrap, clump and tie 40 x 10” blocks and fabulous Pauline Rogers will teach us her techniques to then sew together to make an amazing “Indigo Shibori” quilt or wall hanging.

Hi, I’m Wacky Jacky, world famous for my amazing quilting retreats.

Let me ask you a question, fellow quilter:

How does 12 fun-filled days creating your own fabulous Indigo textile using the ancient Japanese technique of Shibori while living it up on the paradise island of Brisbane sound to you?

Our release of our most exclusive retreat was such a huge success in 2019. Our June 2020 retreat has sold out and due to popular demand we have now released more two for 08 – 19 May, 2021 & 20 – 31 May, 2021

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I invite you to join me, my Balinese crew and Shibori experts Alison and Shuji Yamazaki and Pauline Rogers where we reveal the expert secrets behind the stunning and intricate Japanese Shibori technique of Indigo dyeing.

I invite you to join me, Shibori experts Alison and Shuji Yamazaki and Pauline Rogers where we reveal the expert secrets behind the stunning and intricate Japanese Shibori technique of Indigo dyeing.

Then Shibori expert Shuji will be revealing tying and clumping methods and his wife Alison (both from their company Wabi Sabi Design in Canberra) will teach you wrapping and stitching Shibori methods.

Wabi sabi is a traditional Japanese aesthetic term meaning to focus on finding peace and beauty within the natural imperfections of life – the beauty itself is found in the imperfect and unique.

In addition the world famous Pauline Rogers will be sharing my expert quilting tips and tricks to finish off this beautiful masterpiece.

What will you be creating on this retreat?

The aim of the retreat (apart from having a ball!) is to stitch, wrap, clump and tie 40 x 10” blocks, then make them look amazing using beautiful Indigo blue dye. When you’ve done this, you’ll finally sew them all together to form your very own queen-sized Indigo Shibori quilt.

*Your quilt will not look exactly like this – every quilt will be unique

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Your 12 day Natural Indigo Dyeing and Shibori Retreat includes: –

  • Return transfers from airport to hote

  • Welcome BBQ Dinner with glass of wine or beer

  • Hotel accommodation

  • Buffet Breakfast daily

  • Morning tea & lunch on work days

  • 4 intensive shibori and dyeing days with Shuji and Alison Yamazaki

  • 2 days sewing tutoring by Pauline Rogers

  • All fabrics needed to make your project

  • Access to Wacky Jacky’s Bali fabric shop at special

    VIP discounted rates **

  • A sewing machine for your use*****

  • Optional days out (these are paid optional days) –like Kookaburra Queen Showboat cruise /Eumundi Market Day out with visits to a well know Quilt Shop / extra Classes from Pauline & Alison ****

  • And much more……

**So you don’t miss out on fantastic buys from our shop in Bali – Wacky Jacky’s will provide you with a “50% off all fabric products” Coupon to

spend on our website and your ordered fabric will be available on your arrival at Venue – here are the prices:-

  •  100% cotton batik per metre $22.00 $11.00
  •  Jelly rolls and Layer cakes $55.00 $27.50,
  •  Charm packs $15.00 $7.50
  •  Honey buns $33.00 $16.50
  • Widebacks per metre $44.00 $22.00
  •  Rayon Fabric per metre $15.00 $7.50

***These sewing machines will be available for sale on your departure – if you so wish. The machines are a Brother A80 or similar and have a RRP of $599. The supplier will be giving lots of extras if you do decide to buy at $499 – so good chance to purchase a lovely machine with lots of extras at a good price.

**If you would like to bring your own sewing machine (I know I like using my own machine) – please advise me if you will be doing this.

****These classes will be set out at a later date after confirmation of your participation in the above Brisbane Retreat.

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What will the Shibori Indigo retreat cost you?

The prices for this exclusive, all-inclusive 12 day retreat in Brisbane are very reasonable for what you get:

2020 Retreat:
Single $3490
Twin Share $3190
Triple Share (2 ladies share king bed + 1 single bed) $2990

What else do you need to know?

Travel Insurance:

IMPORTANT: Wacky Jacky’s does NOT supply travel insurance, however I highly recommend you get travel insurance that best suits your individual requirements. I also recommend that you purchase your insurance upon booking your retreat.

How do you secure your position for this fabulous retreat?

Simply click on the “Register Now” button below and you will need to pay an initial deposit of AU $1000 to secure your spot.

Brisbane 08 – 19 May, 2021 Initial $1000 due on registration
Second Instalment $1000 by 01 November, 2020
Final Instalment due by 01 February, 2021
Brisbane 20 – 31 May, 2021 Initial $1000 due on registration
Second Instalment $1000 by 01 November, 2020
Final Instalment due by 01 February, 2021

Here is my cancellation policy:


Days prior to Retreat: Cancelation charge:
365 days or more $200 administration fee
121 – 365 days Deposit Amount
76 – 120 days 30% of the total fare 
75 – 31 days 50% of total fare
Less than 30 days Total Fare

The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes.

 Corona Virus Cancellation Policy:-

Wacky Jacky’s is not prepared to cancel any retreats or to refund monies due under my cancellation Policy due to Covid 19, but on the other hand would be happy to transfer over monies paid for this year’s retreat to 2021 or 2022 retreats. Any retreats that cannot be held in Bali or Java in the 2020 or 2021 retreat season will be postponed to later dates and you will be provided with a list of dates to choose from. No monies will be refunded but instead will be transferred over to your chosen dates.  This cancellation policy supersedes the my standard date Cancellation Policy.

If you’re interested enough to have read this far, here’s the bottom line:

The Shibori technique of Indigo dyeing produces simply divine results when you know exactly what you’re doing.

If you’d like to learn the exact methods the Japanese have mastered over the centuries, this is your chance to learn from two of the world’s foremost Shibori experts; Alison and Shuji Yamazaki.

On top of that you will have the amazing Pauline Rogers to tutor you through sewing your masterpiece together to take home a stunning quilt.

This retreat is lining up to be one of my best textile retreats ever and if you’d like the chance to attend this exclusive event I encourage you to apply ASAP as it will sell out fast.

If you have any questions or need any clarification about this event please email me at

Hope to see you there,
Wacky Jacky.

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