Bali Retreats

How you can experience the ultimate ladies quilting retreat combined with a world class tropical vacation!

Quilting, textile and Batik secrets revealed by renowned fabric and cultural experts

Imagine if you could join like-minded quilters on the ultimate quilting getaway AND have the adventure of a lifetime on the “paradise island” of Bali…

Hi, I’m Jacky. I’m a seasoned traveller and have been visiting Bali for the past 27 years. I’m also a passionate quilting instructor and have designed a fun, relaxed and exciting retreat with all your needs as a ‘lover-of-batik’ in mind.​

As a fellow quilter and hoarder of fabrics let me tell you Bali is a quilter’s dream destination. If you know where to look, there are so many amazing fabrics still made in the traditional way. You can learn and experience more in a few days here than years back at home.

Bali offers some of the most unique and beautiful Batik designs in the world. But when you visit as a tourist, you’ll often pay 3 or 4 times more than you should for each fabric purchase.

There’s an amazing depth of culture in Bali yet when you’re a tourist you just can’t manage to access it without dodging a minefield of “tourist only” products and cultural activities posing as the real thing.

You end up missing out on the real artisans and having authentic experiences.

Are you with us?

There are just so many potential pitfalls when organising a trip yourself.

​As an Australian, I understand the frustrations of many visitors to Bali. I’ve done it all: gotten ripped off, had the transport nightmare experiences and I’ve fallen victim to every tourist scam in the book

So that’s why I’ve painstakingly selected every detail of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in Bali over my last 30 visits, and packaged them together into a fabulous retreat with a focus on quilting, Batik fabrics, and the real Bali culture.

I’ve combined my passion for the real Bali with my 16 years’ experience quilting to make the ultimate tropical quilters retreat.

Here’s your chance to join me as I host and travel with your group showing off the best of majestic Bali – giving you behind the scenes access, tourists just can’t get.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to see the very best of Bali with someone that has local knowledge as well as enjoy your favourite hobby with a group of fun, like-minded friends.

Here’s what some of my previous clients have to say about the retreat:

Rebecca Parson’s story:

Exhausted by that cruise……only just getting over that seasickness?

Disappointed you only had a small amount of time to follow your passion for fabric on that last family holiday, where you planned, catered and organised everything for your loved ones and are now overwhelmed by the laundry and food shopping?

Tick. The family have had their holiday.

Time to consider this…….seriously!!

A Wacky Jacky Bali retreat is a see worthy holiday without the seasickness and will have you in stitches and wrapped in fabric.

Unashamedly a holiday experience for women of a certain age. You know who you are. Those sporty sorts all have theirs.

A wish to holiday independently but in a group and we all know why.

A desire to pursue your interests in fabric with others and explore the many related artisan skills.

Go, somewhere your interests won’t be dismissed, your skills will be challenged, your imagination nurtured and your creativity inspired! And you can talk away with others without anyone saying you talk too much or too little. Laugh and learn.

Lively, colourful, full of fun with a range of interesting activities, the Wacky Jacky Bali retreat is a rite of passage for women of a certain age with passion for fabrics and all that comes with it.

Be instructed in the art of batik from the simple to the complex.

Party every night.…

Dine each night in the seductive surroundings of tropical splendours where conversation echoes the day’s events and you feel changed from having been immersed in a rich cultural experience of authentic Indonesian crafts. The location of Candidasa is the wonderful Bali full of culture without the crass Western tourists you might find in Kuta.

My girlfriend and I attended Wacky Jacky’s Bali retreat last year in May 2015 and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Rebecca Parsons

Julie’s story:

Very well organised. Jacky was great. Trip was great. Lots of things to do and see. I would highly recommend this trip. You don’t even have to be a sewer. Just go and enjoy the experience and culture of the country. Balinese are very friendly and loving people.

Margaret’s story:

WackyJackys retreat could not be faulted. Everything possible has been thought of. You do not have to be a quilter to come on this retreat. Best trip I have been on. The Balinese are so friendly. Excellent organisation WackyJackys!

I’ve designed The Ultimate Quilters Retreat to be a relaxing and energising getaway for quilting enthusiasts.
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How do you know if the retreat is for you?

  • You want to create meaningful memories instead of being just another tourist
  • You have a passion for quilting or batik fabrics
  • You’d love to experience the real Indonesian culture and get behind the scenes peek at local life
  • You’d like to learn more about batik fabric painting and even try your hand at it
  • You want to have a safe, well organised trip with other friendly like-minded ladies
  • You want to be able to kick back, relax and have fun without worrying about all the small details
  • You love batik fabric and would jump at the chance to make some of your own using authentic Balinese materials
  • You think visiting an exotic destination with someone who knows the location and culture well would be an advantage

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What do you get when you join the Ultimate Quilters Retreat?

  • Return flights to Bali from Brisbane (An alternate departure point can be arranged but may affect the price)
  • 10 days in your choice of Triple, Twin share or Single supplement accommodation in a boutique hotel in the charming and beautiful seaside village of Candidasa
  • A fantastic filling Breakfast daily of your choice of authentic local or western food
  • Return transfer from airport to Hotel.  Please note that these free transfers are only valid for group flights or individually booked flights into and out of Bali that are within the group flights times.  Any transfers out of these times will incur a cost of approximately $45 per car
  • Full day trip to Bali Safari & Marine Park including the amazing internationally acclaimed “Bali Agung” show – optional
  • Batik painting/panel class intructed by Bali Batik Guru – Nyoman Warta
  • You’ll get to create your very own Bali batiks fabric with the traditional art of tjaps (stamps) along with a fabric/bead shopping tour
  • Immerse yourself in the traditional Balinese culture with a visit to the ancient village of “Tenganan” where you will experience the ancient craftsmanship of double Ikat weaving
  • Experience a cultural scenic trip through the rice paddies on your way to the royal water palace “Tirta Gangga”
  • Many fun afternoons with friends around the sewing table or just relax in restaurant/bar overlooking the stunning volcanic islands jutting through the sea
  • Access to Wacky Jackys Bali fabric shop at special VIP discounted rates
  • A full day’s cultural tour including a trip to a working Bali coffee farm where you can sample the famous Kopi Lewak (That’s the cat poo coffee you’ve heard so much about!)
  • Plenty of good quality local restaurants, shops and jewellery stores to browse through – avoiding all the duds.
  • Our beautiful local staff will gladly cut your fabrics for you, and help take care of you whilst you enjoy the better things in life.
  • Not-To-Be-Missed Batik Painting Class in Ubud + Natural Indigo dyeing/batik factory + single Ikat weaving factory – optional

The seaside town of Candidasa:

A quilting and textile retreat in Bali is very unique in itself. But the chance to experience the beautiful ocean front town of Candidasa (pronounced Chandi-daasa) is another treat altogether. I’ve explored all over Bali and have hand-picked Candidasa as absolutely the best spot on the island to hold the Ultimate Quilters Retreat. It’s also now the home of my Wacky Jackys Batik store where you’ll have access to premium fabrics and all my sewing equipment.

​It’s a low key, chilled out fantastic place to holiday far from the tourist crowds, and I’ve assembled a trusted team of local people on the ground that organise everything you could possibly need.

The retreat is held at an intimate boutique resort overlooking the ocean where you’ll hear the lapping waves lull you to sleep. While away the days in this relaxed atmosphere or become and accomplished quilter joining our activities – the choice is yours.

Secure your spot on an upcoming retreat:
Register Now from only $200

Prices for your 10 Day Standard Bali Retreat:

$2390.00 Triple – (note 2 ladies must share a queen bed & one in single)

$2590.00 Twin Share – (one queen bed and one single bed)

$2890.00 Single – (one queen bed)


You’ll need to pay three easy instalments for your retreat.​

Initial Instalment – This is your deposit required to secure your position on the retreat. $200.

Second Instalment – used to purchase the airline tickets and deposits on accommodation & tours. $800.​

Final Instalment – amount subject to whether you have chosen a single supplement/twin/triple share/or if you have made special travel arrangements.

Bali Retreat  04 – 13  May 2020 – SOLD OUT

Initial $200 due on registration
Second Instalment $800 by 01 October, 2019
Final Instalment due by 01 February, 2020

Bali Retreat  18 – 27  May 2020

Initial $200 due on registration
Second Instalment $800 by 01 October, 2019
Final Instalment due by 01 February, 2020

Bali Retreat  03 – 12 August 2020

Initial $200 due on registration
Second Instalment $800 by 01 January, 2020
Final Instalment due by 01 May, 2020

Bali Retreat  07 – 16 September 2020

Initial $200 due on registration
Second Instalment $800 by 01 February, 2020
Final Instalment due by 01 June, 2020

Cancellation Policies:

The following cancellation charges will apply to your retreat.
151 or more days – if booking does not include a group flight – deposit is refundable
– if booking includes a group flight and you cancel – $150 is non refundable – this is due to the non refundable deposit paid to the airlines.
150-91 days – Cancellation fee of $200
92-60 days – Cancellation fee of $400 (excluding airfares which are subject to your airline’s policy on cancellation fees)
62-31 days – Cancellation fee of $700 (excluding airfares which are subject to your airline’s policy on cancellation fees)
30-15 days – Cancellation fee of $1000 (excluding airfares which are subject to your airline’s policy on cancellation fees)
14 days of less – Cancellation fee of $1500. (excluding airfares which are subject to your airline’s policy on cancellation fees)

Depending on the reason for your cancellation, you may be able to reclaim these cancellation charges (less any applicable excess) under the terms of your travel insurance policy. Claims must be made directly to the insurance company concerned.

​Airline tickets – Once the tickets have been purchased they are subject to the terms and conditions of the airline and may NOT BE REFUNDABLE, TRANSFERABLE OR DATE-CHANGEABLE.

​Specialty Retreats – Please read your brochure regarding these cancellation policies as they may differ.

Travel Insurance:

IMPORTANT: Wacky Jackys does NOT supply travel insurance. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get travel insurance that best suits your individual requirements.

What you need to bring:​

– Optional… Your sewing machine (or we have 7 on site at our Wacky Jackys shop).
– Optional… Your patterns or projects (we will have a variety of projects in Bali).
– Spending money for lunch, dinners, drinks, souvenirs and shopping days etc.
– Sunscreen, bathers, cool clothes, good walking shoes for shopping.
– Pin number for your credit cards as most shops in Bali will not take signatures.
– Sense of humour and easy going approach to the Balinese people as they are one of the friendliest people on earth and really like to talk to guests.

Flight Details:

All Terms and Conditions for flights including cancellation policies are set by the airline, Virgin Australia. Please review their website for Terms and Conditions

All prices are based on the departure point specified. We are happy to organise flights from your preferred departure point and will notify you of any changes to the price. We will do our best to ensure that everyone meets up in Bali at the same time. Sometimes this is not possible and this may incur a small additional fee for transfers from Denpasar to Candidasa.

Secure your spot on an upcoming retreat:
Register Now from only $200